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Protected Health Information Breaches
Twenty five countries have seen health insurance information, personnel files and other data outside of standard healthcare or related industries stolen.

Pro-Tip: Upgrading Your Fax for the New Year
Your fax machine may not be new or sexy, but chances are that you still need your fax and you'd rather not throw away your investment.

How FoIP Helps Law Firms
One of the bastions of the legal profession is the fax, and with good reason. Yet, many law firms are behind the times.

The Corporate Transition to VoIP/FoIP
IP transition across the board is well on its way; very quickly it will be next to impossible to maintain traditional TDM-based telephone networks and services.

Faxing Over Broadband: The Problem and the Cure
There is no doubt that broadband is here in a big way, and that the migration from copper to broadband is huge for phone companies and carriers alike.

Tech Company Archives Emails, Keeps Fax Relevant
The fact of the matter is that as companies move to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone solutions and Fax over IP, faxing becomes problematic.

Was That Faxed-Over Offer Legitimate, or a Scam?
As the new holiday cybercrime season rolls in, it's a good idea to look at the scams of last year, which will be recycled with a few small updates.

Outdated? Not Quite. Five Reasons to Use Fax in 2016
Fax technology is not new, nor is it sexy. But even though the fax does not have the cache of newer technologies such as real-time communications and WhatsApp, it offers stability, ease of use

Hosted Fax Solutions Replacing In-House Fax Servers
While many people think email may be the answer, the fact is that using fax to transmit data is still a viable, growing and evolving means of communications for business.

SIP Trunking Explained
When investigating Fax over IP, many business owners encounter the term, SIP trunking. So let's dive into what SIP trunking is, and how it relates to faxing.

In the World of FoIP, HTTPS Excels with SOA
Whether your Fax over IP (FoIP) solution uses t.38 or HTTPS it is still at the heart an application, and you are in the service delivery business.

New Help at Hand for Security and the Audit Trail
Mission critical and regulated documents need to be handled with care, and one way to monitor the dissemination of sensitive communication is with a clear audit trail.

Understanding the Language of HTTPS
Technology is much like a new language in its own way. You may have basic knowledge when it comes to certain programs or features. But there are many parts that are far more complex than others and these can take a while to master.

On the Move? Four Ways to Better Work Remotely
While not every person has the opportunity to work remotely, an increasing number of people can de-chain themselves from the office.

Faxing: Still a Critical Component of Life
Gadgets surround us anywhere and everywhere at any time. On the train, the bus, the office, at school, at work, at home, at a friend's house; the list goes on.

The Paperless Office: An Objective Within Reach
The advantages of going paperless are many. Online documents take up almost no space in the office. Everything can be found easily by a quick search engine query.

T.38 the Problem Solver for VoIP Faxing
VoIP communications have become the alternative to traditional telephone services. The problem is that fax data does not operate well on VoIP channels.

Lesson Learned: Spam-Faxing Comes at a Price
Faxing is easier than ever thanks to fax-over-IP (FoIP) technology that allows the sending and receiving of faxes over the Internet instead through copper telephone lines. But still, watch how you use it.

Revolutionary Tech Change is Exciting. Reality, Not so Much
Right now in Silicon Valley we're seeing Millennials reinventing how business is done by introducing new technologies and pushing new methodologies on business and consumers alike. Is this a good thing?

FCC Gives 'Junk Fax' Waiver to 117 Marketers
When it comes to faxing, in 2006 the FCC adopted an order amending the TCPA rules concerning fax transmissions.

Fall's Almost Here; Time to Get Back to Basics
Most of us have already traded in our flip-flops and beach towels for notepads (or iPads) and computers for the next few months, or until winter vacation rolls around.

Fax ATA Keeps Legacy Equipment Going Strong
There's a good reason why "legacy equipment" is a phrase of derision. Usually when we talk about older equipment, what springs to mind is half the functionality of modern equipment and twice the work.

Faxing Simplicity Right at Your Fingertips
HTTPS can transmit faxes over the open Internet, something T.38 could not do without several challenges.

Spam and the Fax Machine Just Can't Get Respect
It is easy to make fun of some things, such as Spam and the fax machine. But just because they are easy targets, that doesn't mean their reputations are deserved.

Your Time, Your Fax
The business world experiences delay scenarios in its world each day. One of these areas is in the faxing of message-critical documents. It doesn't have to be that way.

Protocol Matters When it Comes to FoIP
There are many fax-over-IP (FoIP) options for businesses. Not all are created equal, however.

Why Fax Is Important Enough to Still be Around
There is no stopping fax technology, for not only is it alive and flourishing but it is also actually growing and evolving.

Electropop Band Gets Creative with Fax
Businesses are discovering that although fax technology has been superseded by newer technologies in many cases, the relative decline in fax use can be used as a potent way to draw attention to a marketing message.

T.38 vs. HTTPS for Fax Transport
When upgrading from standard analog fax to fax over IP, transporting over a network or networks can be challenging, to say the least.

The Broadband Telecom Explosion
With the explosive growth of broadband in the U.S., high-speed Internet is a fast becoming a major driving force of the American economy.

Update: Fax Petition Campaign Flooding Congress
Efforts to stymie the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act currently in Congress, by way of fax, is going well. That's according to the grassroots organizations that have launched the campaign.

Understanding the Benefits of Knowledge
Have you ever wondered what actually goes on at your job or client's offices when it comes to faxing? If you have no idea, it's time to start learning.

Fax Over IP: No Paper, Better Security
Fax-over-IP, also known as FoIP, takes tried-and-true fax technology and adapts it to the modern age by moving transmission over the Internet.

Activists Fight Cyber Security Bill with FoIP
A group of activists opposed to the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act that is being discussed in the U.S. Senate are fighting the bill via a very old-fashioned method: fax.

What's Old is New Again: The Value of Faxing
Why would people disregard the fax as something unnecessary? Truth be told, a lot of people don't know enough about what it is that faxing does for all these industries and how it benefits us all.

The Evolution of Faxes
Fifteen years after the start of a new century, the greater advances of technology has begun to move faxing in yet another direction.

Cautionary Tale: Lost Fax Costs Single Mom Plenty
The Iowa Department of Human Services is supposed to help people like single mother Chelsie Runge. But its antiquated systems, combined with a little inflexibility, sure are keeping people like Ms. Runge from getting the support they need.

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Laptop Yet?
There's something to be said for working only from a smartphone. Many very successful people do it, including 10 percent of the more than 500 executives that Forbes consulted for a poll it did in 2013.

ATAs and Reliable Fax Delivery
As a VoIP provider you have the responsibility of making sure your customers are happy. They trust you and your service, and you want to keep it that way.

Broadband is the Crux of Rural America
Currently in America there are 4.5 million rural broadband consumers, and most areas are underserved or have a lack of the upgrades needed to supply the required bandwidth for quality broadband connections.

The Road to the Paperless Office is Here
Every paperless office initiative first requires understanding which devices, departments and employees are using paper, in what situations, and how much.

Roofer Feels the Pain with $22 Million Junk Fax Judgment
With great power comes great responsibility, as Spider-Man creator Stan Lee once said. For one Pennsylvania roofing company, this was a lesson learned the hard way.

Finding Eco-Friendliness in the Office
Large numbers of people work in offices, and one of the biggest concerns out there is how less paper can be wasted.

Another Case for the Value of VoIP-Fax
Despite years of notifications and news, it seems not everyone has gotten the memo about "Don't fax people who don't want to be faxed."

J&J in Class Action Lawsuit after Claims of Illegal Faxing
Johnson & Johnson recently got the bad news: The class action lawsuit against one of its units for illegally faxing drug advertisements looks to be pressing ahead.

How Can You Achieve Successful Fax-to-Fax Transmission Over the Internet?
There's no doubt that carriers and VoIP suppliers have become very frustrated with trying to make fax-to-fax transmissions work reliably.

When is a Business Fax Illegal?
In the wake of so many lawsuits about junk calls and faxes, it is important to know when you are allowed to send unsolicited faxes and when you should not.

Why Utilizing Fax VoIP Can Be a Delicate Process
With advances in technology, more businesses are combining their Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems with a traditional fax machine.

New Service Lets Users Pay for Faxing with Bitcoin
The Bitcoin community thinks it has the solution to the occasional fax job: A pay-as-you-go FoIP service that relies on Bitcoin payments.

Faxing: Is it as Useful and Simple as it Sounds?
The advancement of fax services being made available via the Internet has greatly improved the efficiency of sending and receiving information.

The Value of Mobility
Mobility serves a more important role than just making life easier; it enables us to not get totally destroyed at work every time we have to travel or meet with a customer or partner outside of the office.

Confusion Still a Concern over Faxing Under TCPA Regulations
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA is a boon to consumers and a bane to all those who do business over the phone or by fax. While the protections were put in place to keep people from being harassed, even now not everyone is clear about what is or isn't allowed.

Eliminate Fax Jitter and Packet Loss with HTTPS
One of the most common fax-over-IP (FoIP) questions is how to eliminate packet loss and jitter. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Isolated Case: Low-Tech Fax Machine Overlooked by PD
The value of using fax over IP (FoIP) vs. an old-fashioned fax machine was driven home to law enforcement officials in Michigan recently.

Don't Abandon Useful Technologies Just Because They're Old
There has been an explosion in communications technology the past 10 years, and now there are dozens of ways to communicate and not just by face time, calling someone or sending them a fax.

Ongoing Fax Spamming Court Case Highlights Dangers of Sending Unsolicited Faxes
It would seem that Zurich American Insurance Co. has escaped paying a hefty penalty for an ongoing fax-spamming class action settlement.

Why FoIP Saves Businesses Money
Businesses still need fax machines, of course, but there are better ways to fax than having a fax machine with its own dedicated phone line. This better way is known as fax-over-IP, or "FoIP" for short.

Gmail Now Can Send Faxes, with Limitations
For those who still use their fax machines but wish they didn't, here's some relief: You can now fax through your Google Gmail account.

Your Fax May Be Hiking Up Your Bandwidth Rates
Bandwidth is one of the major concerns when implementing a VoIP network. The amount of bandwidth usage can vary considerably depending on the type of protocol you are using.

Your Fax Does More Than You Think
We're all familiar with the core functionality of fax machines; they are easy ways to transmit copies of paper documents from one location to another, and they are great for signed documents both from an ease of use standpoint, and legally.

Paving the Way for Reliable Fax Transmission
How is driving a car like sending a fax? It may be a surprise to some, but these two very different activities have similarities in common.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Virtual Fax
On Earth Day we're all encouraged to be more eco-friendly. However, it is possible to apply paper-saving practices year round, especially in our digital age.

Going Paperless is Easier Than You Think
We've reached the point where the dominance of paper is in permanent decline, overtaken by the ease and convenience of digital platforms such as our smartphones and tablets.

Multiple Fax Solutions Solve Different Needs
Sometimes when customers face issues that arise due to fax over VoIP, there is a lot of frustration.

Illinois County Discovers the Benefits of FoIP
Recently the Piatt County (Illinois) government has been considering the installation of a new fax server that will enable county government to cut costs while adding functionality.

Blimpie Shows the Dangers of Over-Aggressive Faxing
Fax-over-IP (FoIP) makes it extremely easy for businesses to send and receive faxes. But with great power comes great responsibility, as Spider-Man creator Stan Lee might advise.

Fax Issues Resolved with HTTPS
Why is it that businesses still use G711 and T.38 transport for faxing even after years of problems? Perhaps many people are just unaware of other options such as Fax over IP (FoIP).

The Move to All Digital Networks Could be an Issue for Fax
The transition of PSTN networks from legacy TDM technology to IP is coming, and in fact it is well underway in some areas.

FoIP: The Secure, Affordable, Accessible Option for SMBs, Large Enterprises
To grasp how VoIP functions at the fundamental level is essential. Understanding can help us know why companies encounter challenges when faxing over this channel of communication.

When to Think Fax-Over-IP
Fax-over-IP, more commonly known as FoIP, is the modern version of fax technology. It enables businesses to send and receive faxes digitally, much like calling is moving to digital in the form of voice-over-IP.

Faxing Via the Cloud
Cloud computing can be described as computing applications, resources and services that can be accessed remotely and on demand by users. These days, this can be done by cloud service providers over the Internet.

The Fax that Shook the Sports World
Twenty years ago this month, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time announced his return with two simple words by fax: "I'm back."

Is the 'Connect America Fund' the Answer for Rural America?
Bringing broadband to remote areas cannot sustain a profitable business model to continue providing service to the end user.

The Missing Element in VoIP Fax
With more than 20 years of expertise in the fax industry, FaxSIPit is aware of the issues that VoIP telecommunications providers have when it comes to fax conductivity.

OrderSnapp Lets Businesses Take Smartphone Orders by Fax
Consumers love making purchases from their smartphones, food takeout orders included. That doesn't necessarily mean that every restaurant wants to support mobile ordering.

Old Fax Machines Don't Die; They Just Give Up Your Info
Bill Gephardt of KSL TV reports that when people throw out their old fax machines, they're also throwing out most of the information that passed through the machine during its lifetime.

Five Reasons Fax-Over-IP Makes Sense
Most businesses still have office-bound workers and need physical resources to make money. Sometimes reality gets in the way of the future. That's the case with the fax, too.

Six Ways that Fax-Over-IP Saves Businesses Money
Many businesses still persist in using traditional fax technology. Here are six ways that fax-over-IP (FoIP) can save businesses money.

Advancements of Fax Technology
While technology is rapidly changing, there is still a need to integrate and have access to communication facilities, especially fax. Despite it having been surpassed by newer, more advanced technologies such as VoIP, sending and receiving faxes is still the backbone of communications.

'Virtual Fax' Seen as New-Age Savior
While the fax machine might seem to be on its way out in a lot of U.S. corporations, it's not the case everywhere. A recent story on tech business site from South Africa noted that "In 2011, the Japanese Cabinet Office said that almost 100 percent of business offices and 45 percent of private homes there still had fax machines."

Join the 21st Century: Five Ways to Go Paperless
Going paperless is not something that you do in a day; it is something that happens over time as paper use slows down and eventually disappears.

Fax over Wireless / GSM Data: Will it Work?
With the advancements in GSM Data transmission married to HTTPS Fax, the utilization of a smart phone as a hotspot to a fax machine by means of an HTTPS device, or to utilize virtual fax, has never been easier.

New Security Threat: The Old Fax Machine
While a fax transmission generally is secure, the machine itself leaves a document trail that can easily be retrieved when the unit is discarded.

Fax Still Pivotal in the World of Sports-Signings
In the classic 1996 film "Jerry Maguire", Tom Cruise as the title character spends a few tense minutes waiting by a fax machine with his only client, waiting to see what the latest contract offer is from the pro football player's team.

Four Ways That Fax is Used in 2015
The role of fax has declined in the past 15 years, but the technology is still going strong thanks to fax-over-IP (FoIP). FoIP technology enables businesses to send and receive faxes using the Internet instead of a traditional phone line.

Time-Trapped? Why Israel Still Faxes So Heavily
One country known for its technical prowess that still relies heavily on the fax machine is Israel. Only, in the case of Israel the reliance on fax is more a habit than a preference.

Hosted Fax Solutions Replacing In-House Fax Servers
While many people think email may be the answer, the fact is that using fax to transmit data is still a viable, growing and evolving means of communications for business.

Why Japan Still Loves the Fax
You might find it perplexing that Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and the workshop for electronic gadgets, is still in love with the fax machine.

Packet Loss: One Way to Solve a Faxing Problem
Why, after all these years of documented problems, do people still unsuccessfully attempt to use G711 and T.38 transport to send faxes?

Fax Lawsuit Could Have Been Avoided with Fax VoIP
Attorneys usually provide a valuable and much-needed service in our society, but sometimes they can seem to take 'the law' a little too far. That's what Minnesota resident Doug Walburg found out, due to an errant fax he sent.

Welcome to the 21st Century: Making Fax Mobile
Smartphones have penetrated every aspect of our lives, and this is profoundly changing how we live and work.

FaxSIPit Launches New Website in Support of Paperless, Secure Faxing
Despite years of advancements in technology, that old standby of office machines, the fax, manages to keep surviving. How many offices today do you know of that don't have some sort of fax capability? Look at any of the business cards you've collected recently. Most, if not all, have a fax number right up there with phone and email contacts.

Making the Move to Paperless Starts with Little Steps
While paper is not dead yet, it is on the retreat and digital has finally overtaken it.

Keeping Information in the Workflow
Paper is dead; we live in a world where our information increasingly is digital, and documents that are not digital are a hassle or worse-they can fall outside of our business processes.

Give Yourself a Break for the New Year with Three Business Processes
Give yourself a break for the New Year; here are three ways that you can make your life easier at work.

When Fax-over-IP Came to the Rescue
Sometimes we have to use the type of communications that others need. Being rigid is not always an option.

The Key to a Paperless Office is One Step at a Time
The good news about going paperless is that it can be done relatively easily in 2015 if you take a systematic approach that moves the business to paperless a little more each day.

UK Mortgage Broker Shows Why Updating Technology is a Must
Whether businesses like it or not, they need to update their business processes or be left behind. One example is Woolwich Mortgages, a U.K. mortgage broker which many are saying is hopelessly behind the times.

Faxing in Business: Still Thriving, Still Growing
Contrary to popular belief, fax communications still play an integral part in today's business communications and environment.

With Fax VoIP, It Comes Down to Dollars. And Sense
When it comes to today's business office and technology, one of the most vexing areas is the fax machine, and all its attendant problems. Besides just keeping the machine stocked up and running, there are the issues of confidentiality, security and even something as basic as noise. No one wants to sit near a machine that's constantly clicking, whirring and spitting out paper. Add in the cost factor and you've got an expensive problem taking up valuable office real estate.

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