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Faxing in Today's IP World
Studies continue to indicate that fax technology will continue to be a major segment of the telecom industry as long as there is a paper-based environment, which is a very large segment of the marketplace.

Existing Hardware Investment Need Not Stop the Move to IP Communications
Forward-thinking businesses are moving to an all-IP infrastructure, foregoing traditional phone lines for voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions that are cheaper, more efficient, and bring added features.

Five Reasons to Use Fax-Over-IP
While some businesses in Silicon Valley might turn up their nose at any technology that predates social networks, the reality for most businesses is that technology trends take a backseat to what the technology actually accomplishes.

The Fax Machine is Dead. Or Is It?
Reports of the demise of the fax are overstated, but not entirely. The fax machine is dead, just not fax technology itself.

Seven Steps for Moving to FoIP
How does a business go about moving to a FoIP solution? Here are seven steps that every business should consider when adopting FoIP.

Encryption is the Key When it Comes to Security
Just because our electronic communication is being snooped on does not mean we actually need to avoid digital communications to keep privacy. We just need better encryption.

Should President Carter Use Fax Instead?
Former US President Jimmy Carter doesn't trust that his email is secure. If a former leader of the free world has lost faith in his ability to maintain email communications security, what does that say about our own security?

Healthcare Provider Discovers the Joys of Going Paperless
Paper shuffling has real costs in terms of manpower, storage and lost efficiency. This cost is one that Immediate Home Care and Hospice was no longer willing to pay.

Email is Not as Secure as You Think
Unless you specifically use email encryption software (which often is hard to set up), it is best to think of your email much the same way that you think of messages written on the back of postcards.

Interbit Data Launches NetFoIP Virtualized Fax Solution
Interbit Data, a software and services provider for the healthcare industry, recently announced the launch of the NetFoIP virtualized fax solution.

Everbridge for Citizen Alerts to Serve as Base for City Alert System
Charlton, MA, has recently stepped up to do something many locations haven't even considered yet, and has brought in Everbridge for Citizen Alerts to serve as the foundation of a new emergency notification system.

Knowing the Basics of FoIP
The latest in fax technology, fax-over-internet-protocol, hardly resembles the stereotype most of us have about fax. In fact, if you've ever sent a fax from a computer, you've already used FoIP.

Making the VoIP Fax Switch: How You'll Know It's Time
The trend today is to move from in-house IT solutions to cloud-based IT solutions, and this trend also holds for the fax server market. Do you upgrade your fax server or do you move its functionality to the cloud?

The Difference Between Working from the Road and Being Truly Mobile
There's a difference between taking some work with you when you are outside of the office and being able to fully perform your job from the road. If you are truly mobile, your office has to travel with you.

Coolio Shows Why Your Business Needs Fax-Over-IP
In the Milwaukee Bucks' new Fax It In To Win contest, fans can enter to win the opportunity to hang out with Coolio or basketball great Glenn Robinson by faxing in their full name, phone number and address to the team.

Why We Still Use Fax
While the ability to transport paper documents from one location to the next through a phone line was once a revolutionary achievement, it is true that we now have many snazzy ways to transport documents electronically.

District Supervisor Sings Praises of the Paperless Office
In a recent piece in the Contra Costa Times, District Supervisor Federal Glover noted that organizations of all types can reap substantial benefits from a paperless office initiative.

Microsoft Pushes E-Signatures
Looking to make digital signatures just a little bit easier, Microsoft has recently announced that it has partnered with DocuSign to bring e-signatures to Microsoft Office 365.

Six Ways to Harden Your Business Against Disaster
A shuttered business is a money-losing business, and that's exactly what happens when a disaster strikes and grinds key business systems to a halt.

Lead Murder Suspect Goes Free Thanks to a Bad Fax
In Paris last week, the lead murder suspect in the 2010 slaying of a French DJ was released from prison after his appeal was goofed by the courts thanks to an old fax machine.

Tips for Staying Productive on the Road
With the rise of smartphones, cellular data plans and cloud computing, it now is possible to work from just about anywhere in the world without skipping a beat.

The Joys of Having Everything at Your Fingertips
One way that technology has been enriching our lives recently is with ubiquitous access to our files. To be at a meeting and be able to pull up a document (or fax) from two years ago is awesome.

A Thousand Little Paper Cuts
Business owners need to recognize that eliminating paper need not be as big a task as it sounds. The best way to move to a paperless office is an iterative approach.

FoIP Aids Business System Integration
Business processes are both being moved to cloud infrastructure, and the cloud coupled with mobility has transformed the way that workers move about as they get things done.

The Importance of Being Green
Al Gore's chilling documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, may be old news at this point, but its message certainly isn't going away any time soon.

Four Ways that Businesses Can Save on Paper
With the rise of tablets and smartphones, there's room to greatly reduce paper usage within the typical office. There's got to be a way to actually reduce paper consumption, not just add another device in our life.

Digital Faxes Are a Boon for Healthcare
There's a lot of talk about how smartphone technology will change the healthcare industry, but it also obscures other technologies that are working to make healthcare more efficient.

Paper Costs More Than You Might Realize
The Association of Information and Image Management estimates that a paperless world could improve productivity by nearly 30 percent, and two-thirds of the firms that go paperless report that it pays for itself within 18 months.

Search: The Hidden Killer App
Google was not the first to offer search functionality, but it was the one that got it right. It has been so good at search, many of us have forgotten what it was like prior to Google.

Why the Cloud Matters
One of the great shifts in the world has been computing mobility. The cloud has enabled our iPhones and iPads to have the applications that make mobile computing possible.

What Is IP and Why Do I Want It?
You may have heard the term "IP" bandied around. While it stands for many things, including "intellectual property," the most common use of the term IP is for "Internet protocol." Basically, IP is the Internet.

Fax on a Plane
On just about every flight to every destination in the United States, there are business travelers. And the vast majority of those travelers are sneaking in some extra work before and during their flight.

Five Ways to Get More From Your Fax in 2014
With 2014 upon us, it is a good time to make New Year's resolutions and improve various parts of our lives.

Hosted Fax Especially Makes Sense for Small Business
One challenge that many small businesses face is getting overwhelmed by the details. There are so many responsibilities that business owners must handle; it is easy to lose sight of the core business functions that will make a business profitable.

Mobility Should Be Your New Year's Resolution
We know you can answer email from anywhere thanks to your smartphone, but can you successfully work anywhere that has Internet access?

Why Choose Hosted Fax
With technology moving at a pace that only the very young can follow, there may be the question: What's wrong with keeping the fax machine the way it has always been in the past?

With Faxing, Sometimes You Just Need To Seize Control
The cloud offers many benefits, which is why businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of hosted solutions for every possible business function.

Human Error Circumvents Even Good Security
Recently, the IRS sent an accountant in the suburbs of Los Angeles a 10-page fax about one of the accountant's clients.Only problem is, the fax wasn't sent to the right fax machine.

FoIP Saves the Day for Guardian Angel Hospice
The patient comes first for Guardian Angel Hospice, an organization that provides end-of-life care to maximize the comfort, dignity and quality of the last few days of its patients' lives.

What to Do After Documents are Scanned
Setting up a quality paperless office requires a little work. It requires a good electronic filing system, which is technically easy but it takes a little thought.

The Benefits of an Electronic Document Management System
One of the most powerful office tools to emerge in the last 10 years is the electronic document management system (EDM). While EDMs have been around much longer, in the past decade they have become extremely refined as easy to implement.

The Short Farewell. To Paper
The joy of filing documents in a cabinet is more than offset by the ability to carry my whole filing cabinet with me on my phone. All my file cabinets, in fact.

Is Fax Still Relevant? Yes
The demise of the fax has been greatly exaggerated. While perhaps not the sexiest technology in 2013, fax is nonetheless still relevant. There are many reasons why businesses should not be forgetting about fax so soon.

Existing Investment Hinders Smart Technology Use
Once an initial investment in equipment has been made, it is awfully hard to make a change that nullifies that investment. Our natural impulse is prolong the benefits of the investment and not "waste" the money we've already spent.

Fax: Keeping up with Change
Fax has changed, not gone away. Businesses still communicate with fax documents just as much as they have in the past. What has rapidly changed, though, is how faxes are sent.

Important Reasons Why Fax Still Matters
Fax has evolved just as voice calling is not the same as it was 20 years ago. The latest iteration, fax-over-IP (FoIP), enables the fax machine to transmit through the Internet in much the same way as voice-over-IP (VoIP).

What to Do with Existing Fax Equipment?
Traditional fax machines are on the way out, and just about everybody knows this. That doesn't mean the fax is dying, however.

Six Ways to Go Paperless
There are many reasons to go paperless besides helping the environment. While business owners can take pride in their paper reduction efforts, a more compelling business case might be the cost savings from not having to buy printer supplies or paper.

All Documents Must Be Digital for Truly Organized Businesses
I am a girl who loves systems. As a teenager, I labeled all of my books and arranged them on the shelves according to their Dewey Decimal System number. In my early twenties, I sorted laundry into four different categories. And now that I am in my thirties, I have a paperless office routine where I scan paper documents once a week and keep all the digital files on a server in the cloud.

Why It is Time to Upgrade Your Fax
Just as cell phones have come a long way from their candy-bar days, so too has the fax evolved over the past few years. Fax, just like phone service, has moved to using the Internet for delivery.

What is Cloud Fax Computing?
In its broadest terms, cloud computing is best described as off-premise, on-demand computing applications that are provided to a user, including computing resources and services.

Incorporating Security With HTTPS Faxing and FaxSIPit
As fax users, all of us have to think about the huge amount of personal data that flows through our fax machine (or virtual desktop faxing) every day.

Flextime Systems Need Good Communication
Office time is no longer 9-to-5 for most workers. Whether it is longer hours or a schedule that goes back and forth between work and home life, the dividing line between the office and everything else has gotten blurred almost beyond repair.

Flextime Addresses the New Workday
Mobility and smartphones have begun to create a culture where employees are not doing their jobs if they fail to check in with the office periodically throughout the day through e-mail.

Win-Win: Fax VoIP Solves Problems, Saves Money
Are you concerned about your ability to remain competitive in an ever-changing market as a VoIP provider? If so, you're not alone.

Making Fax VoIP Work for Your Communications Needs
As far as technology goes, VoIP's age is rather impressive; a lot of technologies tend to fizzle out over a period of time. VoIP has managed to evolve with the Internet. Not many technologies have done the same.

Five Things to Avoid When Setting up a Virtual Office
The days of the cubicle are numbered. While there's still reason to keep an actual office for employees, more than just San Francisco tech firms are discovering the benefits of letting their employees roam free.

Five More Ways to Cut Business Costs
Cost-cutting is more important than ever given the increasing competitive pressure now that competition can come from anywhere in the world-and consumers can easily find this competition with the Internet.

New Challenges Bring New Faxing Solutions
In the last few years the telecom industry as related to fax has drastically changed, with the introduction of multi-platform virtualization, multifunction devices, VoIP telecommunications, and cloud communications.

Five Ways to Cut Common Business Expenses
Competing in such a business climate means keeping costs low. One way to offer competitively priced products and services is by streamlining operational costs.

A Paperless Office Makes QuickBooks Even Better
A paperless office helps centralize records that later can be input into the QuickBooks system, and it helps centralize all records along with the accounting files.

Mopria Alliance to Bring Office Technology into the Mobile Age
A handful of companies in the office technology space believe that mobile technology and traditional office technologies aren't at odds; on the contrary, they're downright complementary.

Replacing 'Long Haul' Fax Transport Protocols With HTTPS
Many are finally coming around to the realization that the time is here at last to replace the "long haul" transport protocol for fax telephony with protocols that are designed for the Internet.

Faxing Faceoff: Landline, T.38 and HTTPS
There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the world of fax. Maybe it doesn't have the momentum of mobile, or the significance of the cloud, but it is happening - and it mostly relates to VoIP.

Six Ways to Enable the Mobile Employee
Smartphones have made every employee mobile to some degree. Many companies are discovering the benefits of allowing their employees to do more than just check e-mail at night, however.

Exceptional Customer Service Starts with Not Misplacing the Fax
Resending a fax because the first one was misplaced is not cool. It happens, and most business partners understand that it happens. But there's still a hit.

The Paperless Office May Not Be a Flying Car, but There Are Similarities
The Jetsons aired for only two years in the 1960s, but its significance in pop culture is still pretty strong.

Old Fax Technology Beats Baltimore Ravens Player
It could have been the start of a good season, but the setbacks continue for Elvis Dumervil.

The Prognosis for Paper Isn't Looking So Good
Paper is dying, and replacing it is an all-digital workflow. From tablets to smartphones, from PDF files to e-mail, digital is taking over and nudging out paper.

Has Paper's Demise Been Greatly Exaggerated?
TechCrunch author Steve Bell writes that the dream of a paperless office is just that: a dream. His article cites a recent OKI Systems study that showed that 92 percent of office workers still print documents on a daily basis.

The Ongoing Debate: Paper vs. Digital
Digital documents can be much more secure than paper, which is one reason why businesses are migrating away from paper and toward a digital workflow.

Creating a Paperless Office Doesn't Happen on Its Own
If workers are given the opportunity to keep working the way they worked before, they will. If they are allowed to keep printing and consuming paper, it will happen. But if there's a clean break, paper can be eliminated.

The Perils of Paper
With traditional paper documents, it is possible and even likely that documents will be misplaced, mis-sent and mismanaged. This can invite a host of risks ranging from confidential data leakage to audit failure or damaged customer trust.

Going Paperless Helps the Environment While Boosting the Bottom Line
The paperless office delivers a number of benefits for an organization, including cost savings and efficiency. With a paperless office, a business can easily find documents in a fraction of the time it takes to locate printed documents. A paperless office takes up less space that can be used elsewhere or eliminated altogether, too, and it cuts down on resource such as ink and, well, paper.

The Death of the Fax Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
In 2010, the computer-based fax market was roughly $350 million per year, according to What's the size of the market in 2013? The market for computer-based faxing is $620 million.

The Death of the Fax Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
In 2010, the computer-based fax market was roughly $350 million per year, according to What's the size of the market in 2013? The market for computer-based faxing is $620 million.

Going Paperless Helps the Environment While Boosting the Bottom Line
The paperless office delivers a number of benefits for an organization, including cost savings and efficiency. With a paperless office, a business can easily find documents in a fraction of the time it takes to locate printed documents.

FaxSIPit's HTTPS FAX Service Explained
FaxSIPit's Fax Service is built using HTTPS Fax protocol for connecting fax machines and MFP's instead of SIP T.38 or G.711.

Tips for Avoiding IP Fraud
IP-based communication can deliver breathtaking cost reduction and increased flexibility. But, it also can make it easier for hijackers in some cases to steal services from a business.

The Power of Combining FoIP and SharePoint
Document management is an important business need, and Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular tools for intelligently managing content and document management. One part of the business workflow that has always struggled to integrate well with SharePoint has been fax technology.

Four Ways that FoIP Makes Document Management Easy
Paper has many virtues, but easy document management is not one of them. While we might be tempted to claim that document retrieval is one of the virtues of paper given that we can grab those sheets and pop them in a file drawer without all the hassles of technology slowing us down, really paper is inefficient since it is beyond the reach of search algorithms and automatic indexing systems.

POW! is Right: FaxSIPit Services and AudioCodes Pack a Powerful One-Two VoIP Fax Punch
Did you know you can send faxes over any data connection (Internet, cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite) securely in real-time? Most people today are unaware of that, but FaxSIPit's white label hosted cloud fax solutions are made to meet with today's rapidly growing and evolving corporate VoIP and Internet environments.

FoIP Solves Security Issues with E-mail and Traditional Fax
Two common ways of sharing documents remotely are via e-mail and fax. But both have security issues. For fax, the big trouble is that in many cases the documents that come out of a fax machine are not secured at the source. A shared fax machine leaves sensitive documents exposed.

Build Your Own Mobile Office
The days of the cubicle are numbered, at least for those who are not required by their boss to stay in the office. Today, it is easy to recreate the office environment from a laptop and a few basic technologies. Put those technologies together, and the complete office can travel with you no matter where you go.

Four Reasons to Go Paperless Now
I'm always surprised when the benefits of the paperless office are not obvious to people. Most people think the idea is cool, but they also wonder why the effort is worth their time. So what? Do we really need to eliminate all our paper and go 100 percent digital? Yes.

Effectively Deal with Paper in the Paperless Office
The paperless office. Like flying cars, it is a dream that has captivated businesses and highly effective people for decades. Over the past few hundred years, the human race has been enslaved by creating, sharing, shuffling, storing and accessing papers. The dream of the paperless office is a dream of simplicity, freedom and always having the information we want when we want it.

Make No Mistake: IP Changes Business Processes
Instead of one or two modes of communication, there now are many niche ways to connect based on the particular situation and need. Whereas two decades ago there was no easy way to quickly grab an earnings number from a colleague during the middle of boardroom presentation, now it is just a quick text or chat message away.

T.38 is Not the Answer to the Fax Challenge. Fax VoIP Is.
FAX message sending or receiving is a real-time process. In essence, when the sending machine connects to the receiving machine they are working in harmony, one sending at the same time the other is receiving.

Consider Making Your Office Completely Paperless
Technology has allowed for companies to do everything digitally. Instead of having to make copies you can scan. Instead of using traditional phones you can use a VoIP service. Now, instead of faxing using an old machine that prints out the copy on paper, you can use Internet faxing.

FoIP Myths Debunked
Unified communications (UC) sounds good, but in practice it often falls short because all of a business' communication is not digital. It is mostly but not fully unified because most businesses keep an analog telephone line for each fax machine in the office. But with Fax-over-IP (FoIP), this no longer need be the case. FoIP brings fax into the digital world, helping to achieve an actual unified communications platform.

Top Five Reasons to Choose FoIP
If you haven't heard, Fax-over-IP (FoIP) is the latest evolution of the fax machine. Just like its voice counterpart, VoIP, it allows for the sending and receiving of faxes over the Internet. This digital version of the fax delivers a number of benefits for businesses. Here are the top five reasons why a business should switch from its old fax solution to a FoIP solution such as that offered by FaxSIPit.

There's No Excuse for a Fax Machine in the Office
Many businesses are content with their current fax setup. But they shouldn't be. Letters have not stopped evolving, and now we have e-mail. Phone calls have not stopped evolving, so now we have voice-over-IP (VoIP). Fax technology has not stopped evolving, and so now we have fax-over-IP (FoIP).

Healthcare Can Reap Big Benefits from Going Paperless
Businesses of all types can benefit from the paperless office. One industry that is particularly ripe for the move to a paperless workflow is the medical industry. The volume of paper that passes through a typical medical office is staggering, as the walls of file drawers at the typical doctor's office will attest.

The Paperless Office is Here, Finally
The paperless office has been a dream for decades. Finally that dream is able to be realized. E-mail, tablets and electronic document standards such as Adobe's PDF format have come a long way toward making the dream of a paperless office the reality. But the unsung heroes that close the circle and make it a practical possibility are the document scanner and newer technologies such as fax-over-IP (FoIP).

Searching for the Answer to Internet Faxing Reliability
Have you been searching for a reliable way to connect fax machines to VoIP? Thanks to FaxSIPit Services and their partners AudioCodes, your search is over and the answer is here. The HTTPS Fax ATA uses secure HTTPS to reliably send faxes in real-time over any data connection, including Wi-Fi, open Internet, satellite and cellular.

VoIP Calling and Faxing Can Cut Phone Bills in Half
How's your office phone bill? That's a rhetorical question, no need to answer. Would you like to pay less? That's also rhetorical, since it's safe to assume that a lower phone bill would be a welcome thing. As such, there are some helpful ways in which VoIP calling can cut a phone bill in half.

Fax VoIP Leads to Cleaner and More Secure Offices
One of the really big ways in which companies are changing the way they conduct business is their reduction in the production of paper. Some major companies in the world used to be accused of basically cutting down an entire forest in the span of a month. That production of paper was exacerbated by the fact that quite a bit of the information that was produced was thrown away shortly after it was printed out. Companies in the 21st century have been making all kinds of different moves in order to get more paperless.

Safeguard Your Paperwork by Eliminating It
Today's office is a treasure trove if you're an intellectual property thief. Walk by anyone's cube or desk, and there always seems to be a plethora of papers out in plain sight. Are they junk, or do they contain valuable company information? If it's the latter, what can you do to help your employees keep everything under wraps?

Fax VoIP Perfect for Paperless Office
The Paperless Project is a grassroots coalition of companies focused on transforming the way organizations work with paper and electronic content. Its goal is to have businesses dramatically cut down their use of paper in everyday dealings, thereby reducing the waste stream, cutting costs and making for a greener planet.

Shifting in the VoIP Space to Support HTTPS-based Fax Connections
As a service provider you have customers that have a fax machine or MFP, and that customer wants to keep them for what they are; the best and easiest scan-to-send device.

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