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FoIP: The Secure, Affordable, Accessible Option for SMBs, Large Enterprises
To grasp how VoIP functions at the fundamental level is essential. Understanding can help us know why companies encounter challenges when faxing over this channel of communication.

When to Think Fax-Over-IP
Fax-over-IP, more commonly known as FoIP, is the modern version of fax technology. It enables businesses to send and receive faxes digitally, much like calling is moving to digital in the form of voice-over-IP.

Faxing Via the Cloud
Cloud computing can be described as computing applications, resources and services that can be accessed remotely and on demand by users. These days, this can be done by cloud service providers over the Internet.

The Fax that Shook the Sports World
Twenty years ago this month, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time announced his return with two simple words by fax: "I'm back."

Is the 'Connect America Fund' the Answer for Rural America?
Bringing broadband to remote areas cannot sustain a profitable business model to continue providing service to the end user.

The Missing Element in VoIP Fax
With more than 20 years of expertise in the fax industry, FaxSIPit is aware of the issues that VoIP telecommunications providers have when it comes to fax conductivity.

OrderSnapp Lets Businesses Take Smartphone Orders by Fax
Consumers love making purchases from their smartphones, food takeout orders included. That doesn't necessarily mean that every restaurant wants to support mobile ordering.

Old Fax Machines Don't Die; They Just Give Up Your Info
Bill Gephardt of KSL TV reports that when people throw out their old fax machines, they're also throwing out most of the information that passed through the machine during its lifetime.

Five Reasons Fax-Over-IP Makes Sense
Most businesses still have office-bound workers and need physical resources to make money. Sometimes reality gets in the way of the future. That's the case with the fax, too.

Six Ways that Fax-Over-IP Saves Businesses Money
Many businesses still persist in using traditional fax technology. Here are six ways that fax-over-IP (FoIP) can save businesses money.

Advancements of Fax Technology
While technology is rapidly changing, there is still a need to integrate and have access to communication facilities, especially fax. Despite it having been surpassed by newer, more advanced technologies such as VoIP, sending and receiving faxes is still the backbone of communications.

'Virtual Fax' Seen as New-Age Savior
While the fax machine might seem to be on its way out in a lot of U.S. corporations, it's not the case everywhere. A recent story on tech business site from South Africa noted that "In 2011, the Japanese Cabinet Office said that almost 100 percent of business offices and 45 percent of private homes there still had fax machines."

Join the 21st Century: Five Ways to Go Paperless
Going paperless is not something that you do in a day; it is something that happens over time as paper use slows down and eventually disappears.

Fax over Wireless / GSM Data: Will it Work?
With the advancements in GSM Data transmission married to HTTPS Fax, the utilization of a smart phone as a hotspot to a fax machine by means of an HTTPS device, or to utilize virtual fax, has never been easier.

New Security Threat: The Old Fax Machine
While a fax transmission generally is secure, the machine itself leaves a document trail that can easily be retrieved when the unit is discarded.

Fax Still Pivotal in the World of Sports-Signings
In the classic 1996 film "Jerry Maguire", Tom Cruise as the title character spends a few tense minutes waiting by a fax machine with his only client, waiting to see what the latest contract offer is from the pro football player's team.

Four Ways That Fax is Used in 2015
The role of fax has declined in the past 15 years, but the technology is still going strong thanks to fax-over-IP (FoIP). FoIP technology enables businesses to send and receive faxes using the Internet instead of a traditional phone line.

Time-Trapped? Why Israel Still Faxes So Heavily
One country known for its technical prowess that still relies heavily on the fax machine is Israel. Only, in the case of Israel the reliance on fax is more a habit than a preference.

Hosted Fax Solutions Replacing In-House Fax Servers
While many people think email may be the answer, the fact is that using fax to transmit data is still a viable, growing and evolving means of communications for business.

Why Japan Still Loves the Fax
You might find it perplexing that Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and the workshop for electronic gadgets, is still in love with the fax machine.

Packet Loss: One Way to Solve a Faxing Problem
Why, after all these years of documented problems, do people still unsuccessfully attempt to use G711 and T.38 transport to send faxes?

Fax Lawsuit Could Have Been Avoided with Fax VoIP
Attorneys usually provide a valuable and much-needed service in our society, but sometimes they can seem to take 'the law' a little too far. That's what Minnesota resident Doug Walburg found out, due to an errant fax he sent.

Welcome to the 21st Century: Making Fax Mobile
Smartphones have penetrated every aspect of our lives, and this is profoundly changing how we live and work.

FaxSIPit Launches New Website in Support of Paperless, Secure Faxing
Despite years of advancements in technology, that old standby of office machines, the fax, manages to keep surviving. How many offices today do you know of that don't have some sort of fax capability? Look at any of the business cards you've collected recently. Most, if not all, have a fax number right up there with phone and email contacts.

Making the Move to Paperless Starts with Little Steps
While paper is not dead yet, it is on the retreat and digital has finally overtaken it.

Keeping Information in the Workflow
Paper is dead; we live in a world where our information increasingly is digital, and documents that are not digital are a hassle or worse-they can fall outside of our business processes.

Give Yourself a Break for the New Year with Three Business Processes
Give yourself a break for the New Year; here are three ways that you can make your life easier at work.

When Fax-over-IP Came to the Rescue
Sometimes we have to use the type of communications that others need. Being rigid is not always an option.

The Key to a Paperless Office is One Step at a Time
The good news about going paperless is that it can be done relatively easily in 2015 if you take a systematic approach that moves the business to paperless a little more each day.

UK Mortgage Broker Shows Why Updating Technology is a Must
Whether businesses like it or not, they need to update their business processes or be left behind. One example is Woolwich Mortgages, a U.K. mortgage broker which many are saying is hopelessly behind the times.

Faxing in Business: Still Thriving, Still Growing
Contrary to popular belief, fax communications still play an integral part in today's business communications and environment.

With Fax VoIP, It Comes Down to Dollars. And Sense
When it comes to today's business office and technology, one of the most vexing areas is the fax machine, and all its attendant problems. Besides just keeping the machine stocked up and running, there are the issues of confidentiality, security and even something as basic as noise. No one wants to sit near a machine that's constantly clicking, whirring and spitting out paper. Add in the cost factor and you've got an expensive problem taking up valuable office real estate.

Why You Need (and Will Use) Fax in 2015
While it is understandable why people would think that fax is a bygone technology, replaced by email and mobile communications, there are in fact still several reasons why businesses would want to use fax.

History Shows the Durability of Fax Technology
The fax machine has been around longer than you might think; it was invented in 1843. It has continued to evolve right up to the present day.

VoIP Fax: Reliability is the Key
. If a carrier supports T.38, it is a fact that not all faxes will end up switching T.38, and will get stuck in the G.711 pass-through.

Faxing Needs Special Attention in VoIP and UC Migrations
IP communications have become the reality du jour for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises alike - but VoIP and unified communications are just two pieces of the puzzle.

Plumbing Firm Falls Afoul over Unsolicited Fax Ads
A class action lawsuit charged that Interline Brands violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which guards against firms sending fax advertisements to consumers who do not already perform business with the company.

Some (Fax) Food for Thought
As everyone in the business world is aware, fax traffic is being moved, slowly but surely, from standard POTS lines to networks that will transmit these same faxes via IP.

How You Know it's Time to Use Fax-over-IP
Many business owners that hear about fax-over-IP technology often ask if they actually need the technology; won't the old fax machine in the corner of the office basically do the same thing? No.

The Smartphone is at the Center of Your Business
Smartphones are not just computers in our pockets, they now are the preferred computer for our everyday tasks; studies now routinely show that we're using our smartphones more than our computers.

Five Steps for a Paperless Office
While many businesses still consume and support a substantial volume of paper files, technologically there's no reason that a business cannot go paperless in 2014.

'Country America' Needs Reliable Fax, Just Like the Rest of Us
Even though some 94 percent of households in this country have basic phone service, only about a quarter have access to and use the Internet in rural areas.

Texas Political Candidate Goofs with Faxed Complaint
An improperly sent fax has caused Rodney Anderson, a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives, to apologize to his Democratic opponent in House District 105.

HTTPS Fax is the Answer for Rural Communications
Communication is the cornerstone of doing business and, in some cases, survival for rural communities; one of the main forms of communications is through document delivery, the primary means being fax.

Five Myths About Modern Faxing
Just as our telephones have changed in the past 20 years, so too has the fax machine changed. So while most of us can operate a fax with ease, many of us have lost touch with the state of modern fax technology.

T.38 Works for Faxing, but HTTPS Works Better
One has to only take a step back to see the inherent problems and complicity of T.38 - even more so on the open Internet. That's the word from Randy Simmons, VP of sales at Fax over IP leader FaxSIPit Inc.

Supporting BYOD Means Moving Everything to the Internet
Smartphones and tablets are changing business, making it easier than ever to get work done from anywhere with an Internet connection. And with LTE cellular connections, that's just about everywhere now.

FoIP is Safe, Cheap and Available; Why Aren't You Using It?
Understanding VoIP technology at its most basic level is critical, as it allows us to then understand the challenges companies face with sending fax over this medium.

Adobe and EchoSign Partner for Easier E-Signatures
While companies once saw the paperless office as an environmental and cost-saving nicety, there's also now the added benefit of conducting business faster with the elimination of paper.

Most Interesting Fax Story of the Month?
A scam artist who used the fax machine to try to bilk unsuspecting do-gooders picked the wrong destination for one of his faxes last week. He sent his scam to the Massachusetts State Police.

New Solution Provides Benefits to Maryland County Government
Biscom, a company that provides solutions for secure document delivery, recently announced that its Fax over IP (FoIP) solution has greatly benefited the Charles County government in Maryland.

The Environmental Benefits of Fax-over-IP
The financial benefits of fax-over-IP (FoIP) are clear, but many businesses don't realize that they also will be helping the environment by going digital with their fax setup.

Detroit Firefighters Use Fax to Fight Fires, But They Could Do Better
The Detroit fire department is so poor, they have taken to using a fax machine, soda cans, coins and doorbells to alert them of an incoming emergency alert. Seriously.

Tulsa Newsroom Loses Phone and Fax--Needlessly
A newsroom without a phone or a fax? That's the reality that Tulsa World faced recently when a faulty electrical breaker disrupted the news outlet's phone and fax services.

Finding: Secure Fax Transmission Assured with VoIP Fax
The exciting new marriage of HTTPS and fax technology will now allow VoIP telecom providers, carriers, or anyone to utilize VoIP fax with the utmost of confidence.

North Korea Uses the Fax to Bypass Internet Filtering
While North Korean athletes are hoping to shine at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, this week, so far the fax machine has been the star for the North.

Maryland County Shows That Fax Has Some New Tricks
Social media and mobility projects steal all the news, but even older technologies such as fax are evolving and giving organizations improved efficiency.

Fax: Keeping up With Change Solutions for Resellers and Providers
Despite what many in the business world might say, fax has changed, but not gone away. Businesses still communicate with fax documents just as much as they have in the past.

Korean Service Gives Fax for Free If You Watch Ads
Combining a recent business model with an older technology, Korean telecom Onse Telecom has announced that it now is offering a new smartphone app that lets customers fax for free without having to pay for a fax service or own a fax machine.

VoIP Fax Becoming the Smarter Choice for the Enterprise
With approximately 20 million fax machines in service through the U.S. and Canada as well as 37 million fax capable multi-function devices shipped from manufacturers in 2011 -2012, the potential reoccurring revenue stream for carriers is enormous.

The Choice is Yours: Enterprise Fax, or Cloud and HTTPS Fax Technology
Many bounce between whether on-premise or cloud-based services are best suited for enterprise fax. The downside to enterprise fax is the large cash outlay, whereas with a cloud-based service that barrier doesn't exist.

The Fax: Now a Marvel of Today's Office
The latest in fax technology, fax-over-IP (FoIP), delivers functionality that many businesses would find useful if they only knew such modern fax features existed.

Take that Critical Step: Embrace Mobility with Your Business
The cost of not evolving with the mobile revolution is lost business and even bankruptcy for many firms. Those that embrace mobility will innovate and win business, and those that ignore the trend will fail.

Fax Machines: With Today's Technology, They're Here to Stay
By some accounts, there are millions of fax machines still in use today, which means the medium has not gone the way of the pager.

What Role Does Fax Play in 2014?
With more workers doing their business from the road, a coffee shop or home office, collaboration and communication has necessarily moved to the Internet.

Don't Assume Your Office Communications are Safe
There was a time in the not too distant past when only the spies among us would worry about whether our documents were safe from interception.

What is FoIP, and Why Do You Need It?
Email is an easy and useful way to share documents with other locations, but the fax machine provides an important alternative and still offers some benefits over email.

Going Paperless in 2014
As with most big projects, eliminating paper from the office begins with cutting down the project to manageable steps that can be initiated today.

Challenges Faced, and Met, by VoIP Fax
Over FaxSIPit's 20-plus years involved in the fax industry we have noticed, with the emergence of VoIP, new challenges faced by VoIP telecom providers with the simple issue of connecting a fax machine.

Faxing and Data Sovereignty
The OpenText European Data Zone, based in the U.K., now provides OpenText Fax2Mail and OpenText Production Messaging customers with complete fax handling that includes message rendering and processing.

New Partnership Enables Internet Faxing via IBM Domino, MS Exchange Environments
EtherFAX LLC just announced a partnership Extracomm Inc., the provider of the ExtraFax fax server solution for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange environments.

Five Steps to More Mobility at Work
A growing number of workers are spending some or all of their day working outside of the office. According to a new survey, telecommuting was up 79 percent between 2005 and 2012.

What Can it Do for You? Understanding FoIP
While much of the world now knows that VoIP stands for "voice-over-IP," and calling-technologies such as Skype and Vonage use it, many people still are unfamiliar with FoIP.

You DO Have a Choice with Fax VoIP
When it comes to VoIP voice installations and VoIP fax, providers unfortunately usually receive the short end of the stick.

Moving Fax to the Cloud
When we look at business today and compare it with how things worked twenty years ago, it is achingly obvious that our world is different from top to bottom.

Is There Room for Fax in the WebRTC World?
As WebRTC becomes the way we communicate anywhere at any time, fax will come with it.

Four Basic Benefits of Fax
The fax machine has been a standard of business for decades, and just about every business outside of Silicon Valley has a fax machine.

A Hosted Enterprise Fax Solution Takes the Hassle off Your Hands
As older enterprise fax servers come to their end of life, you might ask yourself: Is running and maintaining a fax server part of your core business?

Future Vision: What Fax Will Look Like in the Year 2020
Many people enjoy science fiction because it shows us a glimpse of what the future might look like. We can then plan ahead and keep our eyes open for when the technology becomes reality.

Could the Fax Machine Be the Next Retro 'Big Thing'?
A recent article on the culture web site "Vice" suggests the fax machine might start being an object of nostalgia, the same way that vinyl records and old Apple II computers are still in use today.

Think Your Email is Secure? Think Again
While we know that technically a hacker could try to steal the contents of our email, for most of us this is not a functional reality.

Solutions Providers Help Businesses Make Sense of Changing Technology
Overwhelmed with the pace of technology? Don't worry, there's help. There is an army of solutions providers currently fixing businesses that are behind the times when it comes to communications.

Fax is Back in Action
The lull of digital communications is hard to resist. But the fax machine has more life than many realize thanks to fax-over-IP.

Fax Machines and MFD's are Cloud-Bound
VoIP providers may cringe when they hear fax and cloud in the same statement. They are usually aware of the problems with standard fax protocols, but avoiding FoIP is not a good solution.

Has VoIP Made Fax Relevant Again?
With the rise of email and PDFs and a multitude of ways to communicate, the old fax machine in the corner of the office was widely expected to disappear like music cassette players and typewriters.

Fax Challenges Facing VoIP Suppliers, Carriers and ISP's
If you're a VoIP supplier, carrier, Wi-Fi or satellite company - no matter how you slice it - reliable and secure fax delivery over the open Internet is an issue.

Move All Documents to the Computer for Better Data Use
Cutting down on non-digital documents largely comes from moving away from paper invoices, cutting down on printing, and quitting the paper fax habit.

Telecommuting Workers Put in Less Hours; Are They More Efficient?
A new survey on America's use of time, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that 23 percent of American workers now perform their job from home.

Having Doubts About In-House Fax? Consider a Hosted Solution
Being responsible for your company's fax situation is not an easy task. Whether you are a whiz with networking or just learning the ropes, there are a number of challenges.

Using Technology to Cut Down on Paper Use
While it is possible to cut paper use in the office down to zero, in most cases it isn't realistic. A better approach than trying to cut out all paper usage is to cut down on paper to the point that it slowly dwindles to nothing.

Tablets Finally Will Eliminate Paper
Ever since the dawn of the computer age, there's been this idea of a paperless office. And it sounded like a good dream: less resource use, better security, everything at your fingertips.

Fax as a Growing Market in 2014? Yes
While services such as WhatsApp and cutting-edge Web sites can now deliver voice calling, traditional calling has evolved but not disappeared. The same is true for fax.

Our All-IP Future is at Hand
While we're not there yet, we're rapidly moving to the point where all communications happens over IP.

What's Old is New: Fax Has Adapted to the Times
While analog phones and recordings have served us well for decades, it is clear that any technology that relies upon analog will be changing over to digital. One technology that's made the change successfully has been the fax.

Fax-Over-IP Doesn't Mean New Fax Equipment
Fax-over-IP is the latest incarnation of fax technology. Just as telephone calls have moved from analog to digital, so too has the fax machine gone digital.

Turning the iPad Into a Portable Office
Businesses large and small have embraced the iPad, and with good reason: the device is easy to use, portable, flexible, and relatively cheap given the multitude of functions it can serve.

The Unrealized Paperless Office and How to Change That
Delivering on the promise of reduced paper use through technology can happen, but only if workers and consumers change their habits a bit.

All the FoIP Functionality, No Loss of Control
Hosted fax solutions typically embrace the latest in fax technology, which includes HTTPS transmission encryption and other features that were not available in earlier generations of fax technology.

When the Fax Dies but Still is Needed
Fax technology has been around for years, and its use is declining thanks to email, chat and technologies such as unified communications.

Five Reasons Why I Still Fax
While it is true that email and PDFs have supplanted the great majority of faxing that took place 20 years ago, fax lives on.

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