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Fax VoIP and the Cloud
Fax and VoIP don't need to be mutually exclusive, though, and that's where fax VoIP comes into play.

VoIP Proves to Be Good For Companies' Wallets and the Environment
Some smaller businesses may be hesitant to make the switch due to cost; it is undeniably expensive to upgrade your equipment where needed. However, while there may be an initial cost, it is really more of an investment. The system has attractive features that will ultimately make everyone's lives easier, and the more ecological approach to faxing and communicating will without a doubt be worth the initial payment.

Small Businesses Reluctant to Adopt New Technologies
There are several reasons behind the reluctance of small businesses to upgrade their infrastructure and embrace new technologies. The first and most obvious one is resistance to change. Many small business owners got to where they are by following one set of protocols and perfecting it over the years. There is a natural instinct to be resistant to any sort of disruption of this, even if it could lead to increased productivity down the road.

Outsourced Supply Networks Still Heavily Dependent on Fax
There are still industries, and purposes, where fax has sway. One surprising field still heavily relying on fax in 32 percent of studied cases is the outsourced supply network, where fax is routinely called upon to relay production status to the venue that did the outsourcing. A study from Acsis not only revealed this point, but several others as well that will make just about anyone still running a standard paper fax machine question just why that machine is still in operation.

Take a Step Back to What Makes Fax VoIP Work
T.38 does work, don't get me wrong, but only in a controlled environment does it work extremely well. T.38 was not designed for fax use over the open Internet.

Q&A Reveals Five Key Elements of Online Fax Service
The Q&A site Quora now hosts this question from one of its users, "What is the best online fax service for small business?" In response, it received a number of opinions about which provider to choose and, more important, which features to look for when picking a vendor.

Want a Better Faxing Experience? Take the Paper Out of the Game.
Paperless faxing has many advantages over regular faxing, and as time goes on we'll likely see many more offices make the move to paperless. The savings can be substantial, and convenience and mobility only improve.

Is it Time to Take Your Fax into the VoIP Era?
Fax-over-IP, more commonly known as FoIP, is the modern version of fax technology. It enables businesses to send and receive faxes digitally, much like calling is moving to digital in the form of voice-over-IP.

The Unlikely Combination of Blockchains, Bitcoin and Fax
Perhaps the most profound evidence that fax remains a necessity is the fact that Bitcoin, perhaps the most popular of these digital currencies, has made its way into the fax services world.

The Fax Still Lives - But It's Getting a New Vehicle
An option that eliminates some of these interoperability challenges is to send fax VoIP through HTTPS and not the T.38 over the Internet. HTTPS proves to be more cost effective and advances the fax product to the next level as it allows for connectivity between standard fax machines and printers to cloud-based fax service providers.

Managed Print Services Could Reach $94.97 Billion by 2024
Relationships between business clients and their managed printing providers may begin with a set of discussions that determine the clients needs regarding what the service provider can handle. The client, for instance a doctor's office, may send out a monthly mailer to its patients reminding them to finish their medications and maintain yearly exams. In that case, the doctor may only need to provide the printer with his list of client names so the addresses can be printed directly to the mailer.

Fax and Mobile Coexisting in a Cloud Services World
It also is important to make sure that all corporate communications systems are mobile-ready. Some of this, such as email, already is easy to set up for mobile use. Other systems, such as business phone and fax, require a little forethought.

Five Reasons (Other than Cost Savings) for Moving to FoIP
Many businesses are not convinced that the cost advantage of moving from their existing fax setup to FoIP is worth the time and effort.

The Fax Machine: Still a Necessity in Europe
The fax machine's ultimate value may be living on borrowed time. Preferences and a handful of technical quibbles are keeping it aloft right now, as cloud-based tools and smartphones step into the gap. While the fax machine may not hold its value for much longer, it's still got it for now, and as such needs to be accommodated, particularly for those doing business in Europe.

How Two Patents Were Invalidated With One Fax
The fax machine still has a lot of power in the office today; sufficient power, in fact, to kill a Merck KGaA patent for two of Bayer's oral contraceptives.

Fax VoIP: A Tricky Process for Many Businesses
Despite technological advances, many offices still depend on their fax machines. But that doesn't mean the operators know what they're doing.

NFL Team Takes Faxing-Rules Exception Case to FCC
When it comes to sending faxes in large numbers, there are some fairly specific rules about what can and cannot be done under federal law.

VoIP Telecom Providers: Ditch T.38 and Jump on the HTTPS Bandwagon
When it comes to VoIP voice installations and VoIP fax, providers unfortunately usually receive the short end of the stick.

Victorian Health Services Still Use Traditional Fax - But Not for Long
For years, fax technology was a large part of the communication infrastructure and eventually an important part of the scanning and printing center. That was set to change when fax VoIP entered the scene.

The 360-Degree Approach to Cyber-Security
Two trends in particular are driving the new evolution of cyber security for businesses.
5/2/2016 Acquires for Undisclosed Amount
OnlineFaxes recently announced its acquisition of for an undisclosed amount. By taking Solidfax under its wing, OnlineFaxes will raise its own standing among the rest of the pack.

Why Fax VoIP Remains on Top
While emailing may be the most predominantly used form of communication today, one communication service - fax - remains continuously high in demand

Lawsuit a Cautionary Tale for Marketers Reaching Out via Fax
Marketers continue to be hit with a barrage of expensive complaints from people and businesses that are unhappy with the barrage of unsolicited communications they're receiving from marketers.

Optimize Enterprise Fax with Cloud and HTTPS Technology
You may be first wondering what enterprise still even relies on fax in today's modernized, digital era, but you'd be equally surprised to hear that fax remains a premium form of communication.

Hacker's Mass-Fax Might Come Back to Bite Him
Odious faxes to 25,000 sent by notorious hacker "Weev" not illegal but there could be consequences.

Who Will Win in Fax VoIP vs Traditional Fax? The Answer is Clear
Facsimile transmittal, more widely known as fax, is one of those technologies that is still a necessity in most office environments.

Study Finds Businesses Still Using Fax for Communication
Despite the ubiquity of the digital age, not as many companies as you'd think are actually keeping up with today's technology. That means not only are suppliers of the "old ways" still hanging in there, but it also provides a timeline so they can make plans to shift over without taking a major financial hit.

Report: Fax VoIP Expected to Grow as Companies Drive Adoption
While some companies are still buying reams of paper and bundles of fax toner, more and more companies are migrating to a fax VoIP setup. What are the best methods for making it work over the Web in real-time?

Understanding VoIP Fax
Understanding VoIP technology at its most basic level is critical, as it allows us to then understand the challenges companies face with sending fax over this medium.

Another Good Reason to Dump Fax Machines
As technology advances, it seems newer products are rapidly taking the place of those that were once deemed cutting-edge. Case in point: the fax machine.

Hosted Fax Solutions Replace In-House Fax Servers
While many people think email may be the answer, the fact is, using a fax to transmit data is still a viable, growing and evolving means of communications for business.

FCC Hands Out Hefty Fine for Fax Advertising TCPA Violations
Typically, companies run into trouble with the TCPA when they use autodialers, prerecorded voice messages, or unsolicited text messages in their campaigns. However, the TCPA also covers the use of fax machines.

Traditional Faxes Hide Security Vulnerabilities
While traditional faxes for many businesses have been replaced by email attachments, faxes still come in handy for situations that require privacy. But they're not as secure as you think.

FAXAGE Adds Internet Fax Numbers in Ottawa
FAXAGE just announced it is expanding local number capability in Ottawa, Canada, making it the fifth expansion in a major metropolitan market in the country.

Your Fax May Be Hiking Up Your Bandwidth Rates
Bandwidth is one of the major concerns when implementing a VoIP network. The amount of bandwidth usage can vary considerably depending on the type of codec you are using.

A Misprinted Prescription Pad Means 'Fax Malpractice'
A new report illustrates how easy it can be for even a carefully controlled and legally bound operation like a doctor's office to make mistakes with our sensitive personal information.

FaxSIPit Partners with Shield to Assure Secure Messaging
When you send a fax, you want to be assured that it is not only received, but is received by the intended party. How many have hit that "Send" button, only to worry that the message will sit on the fax machine, out in the open, for anyone to pick up and read?

Understanding VoIP Fax and the Value Therein
It is important to understand VoIP technology at its basic level, so that we can understand the challenges companies face with sending a fax over this medium.

NetGen Communications Evolves to Meet Telecom Needs of Service Providers
Their relationship with New Rock is certainly paying off for NetGen, and the company boasts one of the most extensive product lines in the telecom industry.

NetGen Communications Evolves to Meet Telecom Needs of Service Providers
NextGen's CEO says his company has traditionally licensed products to telecom OEMs with a long-term emphasis on fax technologies.

How Pop Culture Still Values the 'Ancient' Technology
Have you ever stopped to think about the way fax has influenced our culture in the last few years, perhaps even decades? Not just by the business world but from unlikely sources.

Notre Dame Uses CudaSign on National Signing Day
Notre Dame, the university that has become famous for the education it offers and the sports teams its produces (especially its football team), has finally moved into the world of digital transactions.

Unwanted Faxes Mean $14,000 Windfall for NY Man
According to a published report, a New York man landed a $14,000 judgment against Pizza Club Slices and Squares thanks to a slew of unwanted faxes, and this in turn is a lesson from which every business can learn.

Keep HIPPA Communications Compliant
When regulations within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) were enacted by the Final Omnibus Rule in 2013, the matter of HIPAA compliance for email was discussed as a possible security problem.

Intuitive Business Intelligence to Provide Vox Telecom with New Dashboards for RightFax
A new partnership between Vox Telecom and Intuitive Business Intelligence will provide better access to the RightFax platform.

IAFax Introduces Fax Retry Profiles at ITEXPO
As IAFax puts it, Fax Retry Profiles allows for the highest quality faxing not typically possible over a dedicated VoIP route, delivering HTTPS fax communication services with a hybrid cloud architecture.

New Shield Trunking Service for Secure Fax Transfer Unveiled
Sending a fax is always fraught with worry: 'Did it get there, is it sitting on an open fax machine, or did the wrong person pick it up' are just some of the concerns that a sender may have. Those on the transmitting end can now breathe a little easier, as Shield 4U, a company known as a leader in secure fax-data transfer, has announced the release of Shield trunking services.

Fax Federation Launches, Creating the World's Largest Secure Fax Network
Leading fax network operators and technology vendors have announced the launch of Fax Federation, an industry consortium focused on creating the world's largest secure fax network.

Marketing Through Fax Messages Is a Dangerous Road
When it comes to getting your company's message out using unorthodox channels, the fax machine and e-fax solutions are being used by some astute firms.

Why PR Professionals Should Know the CAN-SPAM and TCPA Fax Laws
The CAN-SPAM and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) fax law are two regulations marketers should be well aware of.

Using Your Fax Machine as a Remote Printer or Scanner? Doable.
Recently, FaxSIPit's CTO Chem Cohen had an experience with an existing customer that was rather remarkable.

The Never-Ending Fax Enters the Cloud
Fax technology goes back to the 40s -- the 1840s! But there are many reasons why the fax is still around.

Fax over IP Brings Big Benefits to Some Market Sectors
A new report from Faxcore shows how four industries in particular are putting FoIP to great advantage.

The ACT Health Feeling the Effects of Archaic Fax Machines
Healthcare organizations around the world are dealing with the ever-increasing cost of providing care for their patients.

Faxing Pizza Menus Uninvited? That's a TCPA Fine
As if anyone needed even more motivation to move away from paper faxing to faxes over a smartphone, a Florida court has put another nail in that coffin.

Moving Legacy Fax Servers to the Cloud
A fax server is a system installed on a Server in a local area network (LAN) that allows computer users whose computers are attached to the LAN to send and receive fax messages.

As Technology Grows, Canada Getting Additional Online Fax Numbers
The age of faxing is growing from a paper-based technology to one that users can now get on their handheld devices. And as acceptance of this "new way of doing things" expands, so too does the need for ways to support it.

Moving from Legacy Fax Systems to the Cloud
An integrated fax program is a complete set of faxing software which operates on a single computer that is equipped with a fax-capable modem connected to a telephone line.

Strength in Numbers: Fax Federation Launches
It's an interesting time for the fax VoIP space. As with any relatively young industry, there are problems that could prevent growth if not addressed now.

New Industry Consortium Represents Fax Network Operators and Vendors
Leading fax network operators and technology vendors have announced the launch of the Fax Federation, an industry consortium focused on creating the world's largest secure fax network.

Fax Regulation Disadvantages Small Business, Industry Body Warns
Is the Federal Communications Commission burdening small businesses with unnecessarily cumbersome regulatory hoops?

Close the Loop on Fax Machine Security and HIPAA
Within every hospital, or medical, insurance, and doctor's office, there is one device, and in some cases hundreds of them, that lack any sort of security.

Protected Health Information Breaches
Twenty five countries have seen health insurance information, personnel files and other data outside of standard healthcare or related industries stolen.

Pro-Tip: Upgrading Your Fax for the New Year
Your fax machine may not be new or sexy, but chances are that you still need your fax and you'd rather not throw away your investment.

How FoIP Helps Law Firms
One of the bastions of the legal profession is the fax, and with good reason. Yet, many law firms are behind the times.

The Corporate Transition to VoIP/FoIP
IP transition across the board is well on its way; very quickly it will be next to impossible to maintain traditional TDM-based telephone networks and services.

Faxing Over Broadband: The Problem and the Cure
There is no doubt that broadband is here in a big way, and that the migration from copper to broadband is huge for phone companies and carriers alike.

Tech Company Archives Emails, Keeps Fax Relevant
The fact of the matter is that as companies move to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone solutions and Fax over IP, faxing becomes problematic.

Was That Faxed-Over Offer Legitimate, or a Scam?
As the new holiday cybercrime season rolls in, it's a good idea to look at the scams of last year, which will be recycled with a few small updates.

Outdated? Not Quite. Five Reasons to Use Fax in 2016
Fax technology is not new, nor is it sexy. But even though the fax does not have the cache of newer technologies such as real-time communications and WhatsApp, it offers stability, ease of use

Hosted Fax Solutions Replacing In-House Fax Servers
While many people think email may be the answer, the fact is that using fax to transmit data is still a viable, growing and evolving means of communications for business.

SIP Trunking Explained
When investigating Fax over IP, many business owners encounter the term, SIP trunking. So let's dive into what SIP trunking is, and how it relates to faxing.

In the World of FoIP, HTTPS Excels with SOA
Whether your Fax over IP (FoIP) solution uses t.38 or HTTPS it is still at the heart an application, and you are in the service delivery business.

New Help at Hand for Security and the Audit Trail
Mission critical and regulated documents need to be handled with care, and one way to monitor the dissemination of sensitive communication is with a clear audit trail.

Understanding the Language of HTTPS
Technology is much like a new language in its own way. You may have basic knowledge when it comes to certain programs or features. But there are many parts that are far more complex than others and these can take a while to master.

On the Move? Four Ways to Better Work Remotely
While not every person has the opportunity to work remotely, an increasing number of people can de-chain themselves from the office.

Faxing: Still a Critical Component of Life
Gadgets surround us anywhere and everywhere at any time. On the train, the bus, the office, at school, at work, at home, at a friend's house; the list goes on.

The Paperless Office: An Objective Within Reach
The advantages of going paperless are many. Online documents take up almost no space in the office. Everything can be found easily by a quick search engine query.

T.38 the Problem Solver for VoIP Faxing
VoIP communications have become the alternative to traditional telephone services. The problem is that fax data does not operate well on VoIP channels.

Lesson Learned: Spam-Faxing Comes at a Price
Faxing is easier than ever thanks to fax-over-IP (FoIP) technology that allows the sending and receiving of faxes over the Internet instead through copper telephone lines. But still, watch how you use it.

Revolutionary Tech Change is Exciting. Reality, Not so Much
Right now in Silicon Valley we're seeing Millennials reinventing how business is done by introducing new technologies and pushing new methodologies on business and consumers alike. Is this a good thing?

FCC Gives 'Junk Fax' Waiver to 117 Marketers
When it comes to faxing, in 2006 the FCC adopted an order amending the TCPA rules concerning fax transmissions.

Fall's Almost Here; Time to Get Back to Basics
Most of us have already traded in our flip-flops and beach towels for notepads (or iPads) and computers for the next few months, or until winter vacation rolls around.

Fax ATA Keeps Legacy Equipment Going Strong
There's a good reason why "legacy equipment" is a phrase of derision. Usually when we talk about older equipment, what springs to mind is half the functionality of modern equipment and twice the work.

Faxing Simplicity Right at Your Fingertips
HTTPS can transmit faxes over the open Internet, something T.38 could not do without several challenges.

Spam and the Fax Machine Just Can't Get Respect
It is easy to make fun of some things, such as Spam and the fax machine. But just because they are easy targets, that doesn't mean their reputations are deserved.

Your Time, Your Fax
The business world experiences delay scenarios in its world each day. One of these areas is in the faxing of message-critical documents. It doesn't have to be that way.

Protocol Matters When it Comes to FoIP
There are many fax-over-IP (FoIP) options for businesses. Not all are created equal, however.

Why Fax Is Important Enough to Still be Around
There is no stopping fax technology, for not only is it alive and flourishing but it is also actually growing and evolving.

Electropop Band Gets Creative with Fax
Businesses are discovering that although fax technology has been superseded by newer technologies in many cases, the relative decline in fax use can be used as a potent way to draw attention to a marketing message.

T.38 vs. HTTPS for Fax Transport
When upgrading from standard analog fax to fax over IP, transporting over a network or networks can be challenging, to say the least.

The Broadband Telecom Explosion
With the explosive growth of broadband in the U.S., high-speed Internet is a fast becoming a major driving force of the American economy.

Update: Fax Petition Campaign Flooding Congress
Efforts to stymie the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act currently in Congress, by way of fax, is going well. That's according to the grassroots organizations that have launched the campaign.

Understanding the Benefits of Knowledge
Have you ever wondered what actually goes on at your job or client's offices when it comes to faxing? If you have no idea, it's time to start learning.

Fax Over IP: No Paper, Better Security
Fax-over-IP, also known as FoIP, takes tried-and-true fax technology and adapts it to the modern age by moving transmission over the Internet.

Activists Fight Cyber Security Bill with FoIP
A group of activists opposed to the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act that is being discussed in the U.S. Senate are fighting the bill via a very old-fashioned method: fax.

What's Old is New Again: The Value of Faxing
Why would people disregard the fax as something unnecessary? Truth be told, a lot of people don't know enough about what it is that faxing does for all these industries and how it benefits us all.

The Evolution of Faxes
Fifteen years after the start of a new century, the greater advances of technology has begun to move faxing in yet another direction.

Cautionary Tale: Lost Fax Costs Single Mom Plenty
The Iowa Department of Human Services is supposed to help people like single mother Chelsie Runge. But its antiquated systems, combined with a little inflexibility, sure are keeping people like Ms. Runge from getting the support they need.

Are You Ready to Ditch Your Laptop Yet?
There's something to be said for working only from a smartphone. Many very successful people do it, including 10 percent of the more than 500 executives that Forbes consulted for a poll it did in 2013.

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